Clarity Week

Uplevel Your Brand Strategy in 1 Week

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Clarity Week is a 5-day brand-building laboratory for course creators, creatives, and coaches. Install the Clarity Code™ Framework into your brand strategy to attract more sales, become the ‘go to’ in their industry, and define your unique messaging.

The Clarity Code™ Framework flips typical brand strategy inside out and upside down. Instead of focusing on who we think we “should be” or “need to be” to attract ideal clients, we focus on our innate strengths and truth. Our potent purpose and personality naturally attract the best clients to us – without needing to resort to cheesy internet marketing techniques, bending over backward to please others, or being someone we are not.

Meet Kaye

Kaye Putnam
Kaye Putnam

When you build a brand based in psychology and your unique personality, you’ll attract the perfect clients for you.

When you help people with your work, it creates a ripple effect of impact and possibility. That’s why I’m SO excited for the opportunity to help you help even more people, and make the future a little brighter for all of us.

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