Unlock the Attracting Power of Your Archetype

Discover what "on-brand" means for YOU to create meaningful connections with your ideal clients and customers. In this course, you'll unlock your brand's full potential by embedding the unconscious cues & content from your archetype into your brand .

Which allows you to:

  • Stand out against the competition with a strong brand identity
  • Be more YOU, without all the fluff and filler
  • Make business decisions faster and with more confidence
  • Turn clients into brand fanatics, happy to pay what you deserve.

You can start learning today - for free! - by accessing the preview lesson below:

Hi, I’m Kaye (like the letter)

When you build a brand based in psychology and your unique personality, you’ll attract the perfect clients for you.

When you help people with your work, it creates a ripple effect of impact and possibility. That’s why I’m SO excited for the opportunity to help you help even more people, and make the future a little brighter for all of us.

Design Inspiration & Moodboards

Each archetype features tons of design examples from big brands, plus several professionally designed moodboards that you can swipe for your own brand.

Interactive Workbook

The workbook gives you exercises to practice & implement what you are learning in the video lessons.

200+ Archetype-Specific Words

Use this resource to help with naming, copywriting, and crafting on-brand language.